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United for Colorado's Climate Rally

Photo courtesy of: Hart Van Denburg/CPR News

It is unfathomable to me that two weeks after an environmental catastrophe destroyed the homes of 1000s of our neighbors--a fire that got so close I watched it burn with my scared children from our back deck wondering if we were next--that my opponent still thinks there is a "hugely exaggerated narrative of fear" on the issue of climate change.

The time to dismiss the science behind climate change is long past. We have to stop talking about it like it's a thing that's going to impact us at some distant point in the future if we don't act. It is impacting our lives right now--every day, right here in Colorado.

I went to the rally yesterday to stand with those who have been sounding the warning cry for decades and remind all of us--government leaders, corporations, individuals, everyone--that we have a solemn duty to protect our communities and our country, and that means also protecting the land we live on, the air we breathe, and our precious water resources. That is the kind of leadership I plan to bring to the Colorado House.

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