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Affordable Housing

Every day it becomes harder for working families to find affordable housing in our district. That means we're preventing trusted and valued members of our community (teachers, healthcare workers, law enforcement officers, sanitation workers, etc.) from living in the very places where they serve. 

I value the contributions of each and every member of our society and believe everyone deserves a safe and affordable place to live. I will work with local and state officials to do everything I can to ensure that housing remains accessible to families of all income levels in our district.



Our district faces many challenges related to the competition between our agricultural and oil & gas sectors and the increased demand for housing and accompanying services like schools, healthcare facilities, retail, recreation spaces, and more.  Underpinning all of this is our civic and moral duty to be good stewards of the environment, both to preserve our natural resources and to protect the health and safety of our people.
I will put the stewardship of our land and the health of our communities first. We must continue to protect our environment and guarantee access to clean air, water and other natural resources to all.


Women's Reproductive Rights

Women have the right to seek medical care without harassment or government interference.  The treatments they seek are between them and their doctor and their motivations are irrelevant.  This is not just a matter of settled law, it's fundamental to American values of freedom and privacy.  We must act now to protect women's reproductive freedom and never let the government get between a doctor and her patient.


LGBTQ Rights

House District 19 has a large LGBTQ population and as an LGBTQ family, we understand first-hand the struggles presented in education, healthcare and mental healthcare (among other issues) for members of our community.  

No one should be denied access to any services--public or private--because of who they are.  Among the issues we are fighting for are preventing the kind of anti-LGBTQ legislation happening in Texas and Florida. I am committed to providing healthcare with dignity, protecting the rights of non-traditional families and parents, ensuring LGBTQ people are afforded equal access to goods and services, and ensuring that gender/gender identity are added to the list of protected categories under Colorado Hate Crime statutes.


Veterans' Issues

As a veteran myself, I have seen first-hand the toil that military service can take a human being--both in and after service.  The veterans in our district struggle every day with access to the mental and physical healthcare services they need to recover and rehabilitate after decades of war. I personally know local veterans struggling with housing, addiction, mental illness, physical injuries, employment and more.  

There are a lot of service providers for veterans in our state, but it's often difficult for vets to navigate the system and figure out the relationship between public, private and non-profit providers, often leaving them stuck in limbo for months or even years trying to access the best available services.  Transportation to/from the main VA medical center in Aurora is also a perennial struggle for our District veterans.  

I'm proud to be an active advocate for veterans' issues at the local, state and national level and plan to take that experience with me to the Colorado House of Representatives.  


We must do better to improve educational outcomes for our children and our children's children. This will require substantial re-investment in the Colorado public education system--we have to raise the level of state per pupil funding to support our rural schools and balance investment across rural, urban and surburban divides. 
We must do more to provide an equitable educational experience for all students, regardless of gender, race or income. I will support expansion of vocational tech high schools and community colleges across the state to promote early development of business and trade skills. 


Public Transportation

Our district is in desperate need of expanded public transportation services. The residents of East Longmont, Erie, Frederick, Firestone and Dacono deserve the same access to our bus and rail transit systems as our neighbors to the South and West. 
We must expand regional transportation services to connect Carbon Valley communities to the new light rail (N) line, expand access to Park-and-Ride facilities, and most importantly, connect our communities to our regional economic centers, parks and entertainment centers--and to each other.


Responsible Growth

Our communities are growing faster than infrastructure can keep pace. From concerns over traffic congestion and safety to water prices or simply keeping the roads clear after snowstorms, every member of our community is feeling the pinch in some way.
I will work on legislation that promotes responsible housing development to ensure our communities don't grow faster or bigger than they can sustain.



The pandemic gave us a harsh reminder that reliable access to the internet is a requirement of daily life. People cannot fully access the economy, education, healthcare, or their government without adequate internet.
I believe that broadband should be a public utility--as essential to our daily lives as electricity or telephones--and will work on legislation that guarantees broadband access to every home in our district and our state.

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