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My name is Jennifer Parenti and I am a Colorado-born single mother of two and retired military officer who has dedicated my career to serving my country and my community. 


I never thought of myself as a political person, and have been unaffiliated nearly all my life, but after watching the deterioration of our national discourse, trusted institutions and repeated attacks on our democracy, culminating in the shameful insurrection at our Capitol last January 6th, I knew I could no longer stand on the sidelines. 


I took an oath to protect this country and our democracy.  It's time for people like me to step up and bring civility, maturity and the true meaning of public service back to political office.

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Our district faces many challenges related to the competition between our agricultural and oil & gas sectors and the increased demand for housing and accompanying services like schools, healthcare facilities, retail, recreation spaces and more.  

Underpinning all of this, is our civic and moral duty to be good stewards of the environment, both to preserve our natural resources and protect the health and safety of our people.

I will put the stewardship of our land and the health of our communities first.  We must continue to protect our environment and guarantee access to clean air, water and other natural resources to all.



Every day it becomes harder for working families to find affordable housing in our district.


That means we're preventing trusted and valued members of our community (teachers, healthcare workers, law enforcement officers, sanitation workers, etc.) from living in the very places where they serve. 


I value the contributions of each and every member of our society and believe everyone deserves a safe and affordable place to live.


I will work with local and state officials to do everything I can to ensure that housing remains accessible to families of all income levels in our district.



Our district is in desperate need of expanded public transportation services. 


The residents of East Longmont, Erie, Frederick, Firestone and Dacono deserve the same access to our bus and rail transit systems as our neighbors to the South and West. 


We must expand regional transportation services to connect Carbon Valley communities to the new light rail (N) line, expand access to Park-and-Ride facilities, and most importantly, connect our communities to our regional economic centers and each other.